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AliceMarie Slaven-Emond
for Colorado House of Representatives District 54

Will work to preserve a decent quality of life for ALL Coloradoans

Getting To Know Me

Colorado Native

Nurse Practitioner 27+ years

Lifetime Volunteer

AliceMarie Slaven-Emond, APRN, MSN, FNP-C

Colorado State Univ – BS in Voc Ed (1973)
Montana State Univ – BSN Nursing (1983)
Univ of Colorado HSC – MSN in Primary Care (1993)

Outstanding CSU Woman Student 1973
Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Community Member 1994
Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leader 2000
Rotary’s Paul Harris Fellow – 2008

Personal Characteristics
Problem Solver
People Person
Respects Diversity
Law Abiding
Responsible Steward of Entrusted Funds
Skilled Manager

Studying Cultural Anthropology
Comparing Religious Philosophies
Community Restoration
Improving Global Health
Hobby Farming and Gardening
Lake Fishing
Textile Design
Reading Mysteries
DIY Anything

Employment History
Has owned healthcare contracting company since 1992
CNA, Staff Nurse, Managing Resource Nurse, Director of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, Clinic Administrator, Nurse Educator

Community Commitments
American Red Cross Health Services
Court Appointed CASA
Western Colorado Migrant and Rural Coalition
Delta Chamber of Commerce
Administrator of Community Owned Clinic (501c3)
Abraham Connection (homeless shelter health services provider)
Advisory Committee for CMU Graduate Nursing Education

Points of Interests/Concerns
Recovery from Pandemic for Families and Small Businesses
Supporting Training for Technical Trades
Cost of College Tuition to State Residents
Protection of Pensions
Extending Medicaid Access (during recovery period)
State Roads Maintenance on Western Slope
Enticing Professionals to Work in Our Rural Underserved Communities
Stability of Rural Hospitals
Agricultural Water Quality and Quantity
Additional Funding for Research on Renewable Energy Sources
Colorado Transportation Services – Bus, Vans and Rail
Improved Status for Farmworkers
Support for Youth Who Age Out of Foster Care
Human Rights with Equal Opportunities
Statesmanship, Mediation and Compromise
Hunger in Colorado